Wine, as old as Europe

There are a lot of things that make of Europe a famous continent and of the most visited around the world and one of them is the quality of the wine produced on its lands. This beverage has been part of European culture for centuries, so enotourism is one of the most cult and fun ways to travel the old continent. There are many cities dedicated to viniculture, take a look at the following ones that lay among the best destinations to enotravel:


Located in the Bay of Raša, this Croatian peninsula hosts legendary fame related to the Greek Argonauts who claimed that Istria has good wine. Istria has been dedicated to viniculture since Greek and Fenician times that brought grapevines and were embraced by the locals. The weather and soil conditions are ideal for high quality wine.

There’s a lot more to visit and enjoy: have walk by the Poreč coast, or take a visit to the Tartini Square in the city of Piran. These, among other locations, will make your vacation to Istria unforgettable.


Famous all over the world, this vast Italian region is a nature blessing. Its diversity holds beaches, lagoons and hills that are perfect ground to grape farming. Tuscany is full of history, from being the best lands under Villanovan, Etruscan and Roman dominance, to being the birthplace of Fibonacci, Dante, Da Vinci, Machiavelli and many others.

Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful and magnificent Florence Cathedral in the region capital, the lean tower in Pisa or the sunflower fields in Maremma.


Portugal is one of the countries that hold the best wines around the world. Alentejo is one of the biggest regions dedicated to wine production with a cultivation area of 22000 hectares with an amount of producers that reach more than 200. This region is home to a lot of festivals that celebrate enoculture such as Festa da Vinha e do Vino in the city of Borba or the Vitifrades in Vila de Frades.

Take a visit to the city of Redondo and get amazed by the Museu do Vinho and the Enoteca, places where you will find a lot more about the history of this amazing Portuguese region and its love for wine.


It’s impossible to talk about the best locations for enotourism without giving France a mention. This port city in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the most famous wine prefectures around the world. Its suburbs are surrounded by more than 5000 hectares of vines and have a lot of medieval features.

Bordeaux is a city for all tastes. If you travel with kids, you can watch them be amazed by the boat rides; if you travel with partners, a wine tasting is a great way to enjoy the trip. Also, you need to see the most famous landmarks like the Place de la Bourse, la Rue Sainte-Catherine and the Church of St. Pierre.


Now that political tensions have ceased, it’s time for you to visit this Spaniard jewel. This region by the Mediterranean Sea is blessed counts with the best climatic conditions to cultivate wines and have led to the creation of more than a ten of designations of origin related to wine.

You will be amazed by the Catalonian landscapes in Lake of Banyoles and by manmade masterpieces held in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Now get your packs and your taste ready. An enotourism adventure is awaiting for you in Europe.

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