Best landscape practices to ensure your trees grow in the best way possible

In most of the times, trees form a part of the landscape. To make sure that trees integrate well with the rest of the compound there are some operations which need to be done whether you are planting, transplanting or doing maintenance activities.

These landscape activities will ensure a healthy tree environment.

  • Keep the plant debris on-site by putting them around the stem of the tree. The trash will provide mulch as well as compost in due time as the materials compose.
  • Encourage birds to build a nest in the trees or place a nest on the tree. Birds are natural predators of most of the disease causing pests and insects in plants.
  • Design the area in a way that flood and rain water debris can be filtered around the trees to ensure that fresh soil and compost is close to the base of the tree.
  • Avoid use of synthetic fertilizers and instead, use organic manures. The only disadvantage is that organic manure can be a source of diseases, but you can disinfect the manure before applying if you made it locally. Organic manures are also sold from stores.
  • Use organic pest management practices. Most of the pesticides contain very harmful chemicals, and they should only be used if all other options do not work.
  • Remove invasive species of plants which climb on trees since they may eventually cause stunted growth in a tree.
  • Remove excess branches to clear the canopy of the tree for the small tree and shrubs to get light easily.
  • Use light tools while mowing your lawn to avoid disturbing the roots of the trees.
  • Keep away animals which can chew the bark of the planted trees by placing a plastic barrier or a surrounding fence around the tree.
  • Use only trees which are naturally adapted to the region you live. There are some trees resistant to excess water while others do not require wet grounds to grow.
  • Always check for dying twigs in shrubs and hedges so that you can identify the pests and diseases invading your lawn before they get out of control.
  • When cutting some trees use ropes and support systems to avoid causing damages to the left foliage and trees.
  • Put mulch beds around trees to prevent mowers and trimmers from cutting the bark of the tree.
  • Avoid putting volcano mulches around your trees. But rather designate a place and make a pit to put excess debris in the compound.
  • Raise your tree canopies by cutting low hanging branches. The pruning will encourage the upward growth of the tree and as it grows continue removing the lower branches. Fewer and well-spaced branches ensure easy entry of light, and it also becomes easier to take shade under such a tree.

Don’t make your trees other people’s problems.

Trees can grow beyond your borders, and even leaves blow into the neighborhood. Try your level best to limit the degree of nuisance your trees causes to the society. To do this, we’ll pick the fallen leaves and twigs regularly. Also, ensure you cut those branches which have invaded your neighbor premises.