Wine, as old as Europe

There are a lot of things that make of Europe a famous continent and of the most visited around the world and one of them is the quality of the wine produced on its lands. This beverage has been part of European culture for centuries, so enotourism is one of the most cult and fun ways to travel the old continent. There are many cities dedicated to viniculture, take a look at the following ones that lay among the best destinations to enotravel:


Located in the Bay of Raša, this Croatian peninsula hosts legendary fame related to the Greek Argonauts who claimed that Istria has good wine. Istria has been dedicated to viniculture since Greek and Fenician times that brought grapevines and were embraced by the locals. The weather and soil conditions are ideal for high quality wine.

There’s a lot more to visit and enjoy: have walk by the Poreč coast, or take a visit to the Tartini Square in the city of Piran. These, among other locations, will make your vacation to Istria unforgettable.


Famous all over the world, this vast Italian region is a nature blessing. Its diversity holds beaches, lagoons and hills that are perfect ground to grape farming. Tuscany is full of history, from being the best lands under Villanovan, Etruscan and Roman dominance, to being the birthplace of Fibonacci, Dante, Da Vinci, Machiavelli and many others.

Don’t miss the chance to see the beautiful and magnificent Florence Cathedral in the region capital, the lean tower in Pisa or the sunflower fields in Maremma.


Portugal is one of the countries that hold the best wines around the world. Alentejo is one of the biggest regions dedicated to wine production with a cultivation area of 22000 hectares with an amount of producers that reach more than 200. This region is home to a lot of festivals that celebrate enoculture such as Festa da Vinha e do Vino in the city of Borba or the Vitifrades in Vila de Frades.

Take a visit to the city of Redondo and get amazed by the Museu do Vinho and the Enoteca, places where you will find a lot more about the history of this amazing Portuguese region and its love for wine.


It’s impossible to talk about the best locations for enotourism without giving France a mention. This port city in the region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine is one of the most famous wine prefectures around the world. Its suburbs are surrounded by more than 5000 hectares of vines and have a lot of medieval features.

Bordeaux is a city for all tastes. If you travel with kids, you can watch them be amazed by the boat rides; if you travel with partners, a wine tasting is a great way to enjoy the trip. Also, you need to see the most famous landmarks like the Place de la Bourse, la Rue Sainte-Catherine and the Church of St. Pierre.


Now that political tensions have ceased, it’s time for you to visit this Spaniard jewel. This region by the Mediterranean Sea is blessed counts with the best climatic conditions to cultivate wines and have led to the creation of more than a ten of designations of origin related to wine.

You will be amazed by the Catalonian landscapes in Lake of Banyoles and by manmade masterpieces held in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya.

Now get your packs and your taste ready. An enotourism adventure is awaiting for you in Europe.

4 New traveler mistakes you should avoid

The time has come for you to plan your first trip and you want it to be perfect, but it started to look that planning isn’t as easy or simple as you thought. Maybe the lack of previous experience is a great factor that does not let you cover all the essentials and even pushes you to make some mistakes that will change your trip from an amazing experience to an unpleasant one. Fear not, other people’s failures are useful because we can learn from them; for that, here are 4 of the most common mistakes made by rookie travelers and how to avoid them.

Ignoring your Passport dates

When you start to plan a trip, the first thing you think about is where and when are you going to travel. Once those questions are answered you must check the expiration dates of your legal documents, especially your passport.

A bunch of European countries demand their visitors to count with a passport valid for three months past their departure, and others from Asia require valid passports to at least six months past their return flight. In order to avoid legal problems abroad, check if your passport is next to expire, and if that’s the case, renew it. You also have to check if you need a visa to enter the country you have in mind and process it as soon as you can.


The rookie traveler will tend to pack a lot of things that, maybe, won’t use at all on his trip; some of those things are not even going to leave the luggage and will only add weight and waste space. Don’t panic, there are a lot of handy things that could help you with some accidents that may occur, but you don’t need to be prepared for the worst case scenario. There are a lot of things such as cosmetics that you can purchase along the way.

Pack only the necessary clothes. You don’t need to wear a brand new outfit every day. Also, if you use laundry services, you can make the luggage from 2 weeks last for a month.

In addition, get to know the weight limits of your airline, if you know how much you can take with you, you will be prepared to avoid the overweight luggage fees.

Ignoring Travel Insurance

A lot of things can happen as you’re tripping, and the unexpected happenings can cause spending more than you expected or even loose all you invested in bookings. Insurances are important purchases that must be done to protect your vacations and buy travel insurance as soon as you book your first trip.

Best plans are those who include delayed or lost luggage, medical assistance, trip cancellations and others. Imagine how much extra money you will spend if you don’t get those things covered (Important! Notify your bank that you will be traveling so they don’t take your financial movements abroad as fraudulent).

Not engaging with locals

It’s time for you to shine and leave your shyness at home. Not everything can be found on TripAdvisor or Yelp! The locals know their cities better than anyone and can suggest you the best places to spend time in. Don’t let language be a barrier, carry a dictionary with the most common phrases and don’t miss the opportunity to make your trip far better than you planned.

Now that you’ve read those tips, you’re not an expert traveler, but you saved yourself from some unnecessary headaches. Now, keep on planning and have a safe trip!…

Astonishing hotel suites around the globe

If you’re looking for a place to stay on a trip, there are plenty of options according to your needs and budget. From a small hostel or inn to comfortable hotel rooms, you can easily find accommodation anywhere around the globe during your travels.


However, if you’re looking for a luxurious experience, why not pick a hotel suite? Designed to offer you top quality accommodation with great attention to detail hotel suites are in constant evolution to bring you the greatest comfort for as long as you stay. Check out these astonishing hotel suites you can find around the world!

Park Hyatt Vienna’s Royal Penthouse Suite in Vienna, Austria

The Royal Penthouse Suite is a two-story hotel suite right at the top of the Park Hyatt Vienna, a hotel located in one of the most centric areas of Vienna. This suite houses two bedrooms and has four terraces built in, each one with a terrific view of the city. It also includes a giant living room, and it’s completed with elegant wooden finishes and precious stones.


The Royal Private Residence Club’s Chalet in Kelowna, Canada

Located in the heart of Kelowna, Canada, the Royal Private Residence Club’s premium three-bedroom chalet is a simple but beautiful suite designed to accommodate you for as long as you wish. The chalet includes three bedrooms and two bathrooms, built with beautiful granite countertops Kelowna, as well as an exterior balcony, a dining room, and a spacious living room. The place also incorporates all the domestic appliances you need, to lessen your worries!


The Peninsula Hong Kong’s Peninsula Suite

This luxury suite extends over the top of the Peninsula Hong Kong, as a 4000 square feet penthouse for those who want to get the most out of a hotel suite. It includes a marble bathroom that lets you choose between a quick shower or a nice and warm bath; the Peninsula Suite also includes a private gym, a conference room, and a cinema, as well as the most comfortable bedrooms, all covered in beautiful glass and wood with the latest technology available.


Four Seasons George V’s Penthouse Suite in France

This private suite located in the heart of Europe’s most romantic city is a perfect choice if you’re looking for luxury and privacy. The main feature of the Penthouse Suite is the private balcony, spanning a panoramic view of Paris from which you can see everything. You’ll have the Eiffel tower right outside your room! The balcony is accommodated for late-night dinners. The Suite is completed with a beautiful bathroom, a delightful living room, and other commodities.


Atlantis Paradise Island’s Bridge Suite, in Nassau, Bahamas

The Atlantis Paradise Island is a vacation resort in the Bahamas, a perfect destination to breathe fresh air and get away from your everyday routine for a little while. The Bridge Suite is the biggest hotel suite you’ll find in the resort, located between the two Royal Towers. This suite’s living room includes all sorts of entertainment installations, such as a bar, a piano, and other accommodations, including the dining room with a complete set of butlers. You’ll also be able to access the enormous and exclusive balcony, with a panoramic view of the island. Finally, you’ll enjoy two bathrooms with showers, bathtubs and other spaces!

No matter where you choose to travel to, you’ll find an exclusive hotel suite available for you. Pick one next time you leave your house, and enjoy an unforgettable experience!

Great Places to go with your family

It is common belief that traveling is an activity that can only be done by yourself or with a partner during the most youthful days of your life, and having children could be an impediment when it comes to explore the world. Notwithstanding, this thought is fairly wrong.

There are so many locations all around the globe that are exotic, breathtaking and, most important, family friendly at the same time. If you are looking to have a great time with your family, think of the following places and the many wonders they keep hidden for every age group.


The well known land down under is famous for its diverse fauna and hot weather, but Melbourne has a lot more to show. The Scienceworks Museum is a place where you and your kids will learn a lot. Get to know the flora at the Puffing Billy Steam Railway and stay your nights at the Langham Hotel.

Chiang Mai

The children will be astonished as they take care of some pachyderms at the Elephant Nature Park, there, they will feel the adrenaline rush from the ziplines and learn a lot from this gorgeous Thai city that combines the best of tradition and modernity.

Cape Town

This South African capital is among the places where your kids will have the most fun. The One&Only hotel will take the littlest ones to the Two Oceans Aquarium, the World of Birds and the Boulders Beach and Penguin Colony where they’ll learn about animals and how to take care of them.

Machu Picchu

This Peruvian city holds a lot of its history and Incan legacy. The Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel is a great option for kids as they can enroll in several low-key educational treasure hunts and feed their explorer spirit with a whole kit provided by the hotel that will be useful when the whole family goes for a hike on the citadel ruins.


Not everything in the Dutch capital is exclusive for adults. The NEMO Science Museum and the National Maritime Museum are the best location for the little scientists and sailors and the whole family will have tons of fun at the ARTIS-Amsterdam Royal Zoo. Amsterdam is friendly with pedestrians and bikers, so feel free to tour the whole city with the young ones in a bike ride.


You may think that the French capital is intended just for cultured adults, but children can have fun too! If they love animals, they’ll be enchanted with the amount of birds at the Ile de la Cité. Also, Le Jardin du Luxembourg is filled with activities that a kid would love to do every day, from pony rides to puppet shows.


If you approach to your kids with great stories of brave gladiators, they’ll quickly think about the Italian capital. Enroll them in the Gladiator School so they can feel in the antique imperial eras and see how they now enjoy a lot more of the Coliseum and the Roman Forum.

Punta Cana

Bring a lot of sunscreen, because your kids won’t want to leave the sun as they enroll in kiteboarding lessons or beach horse rides as you gaze the Dominican beauty held on its landscapes.

        Now you know where your little angels will have tons of fun as you keep exploring the world and enjoy the peace of traveling.


Must know facts about traveling to Pakistan

Traveling to Pakistan isn’t something that many people are considering. This is because of all the negative things that are going on there. However, there are many reasons why this should be on your places to go list, if you are traveling a lot. There are many reasons why this is a place that you should visit. There are really some great places that you can visit and see. And, you will be a lot safer than what you might think. Here are some of the must know facts about traveling to Pakistan, and why you should consider it:

The people are much friendlier that what you might think

We all see so many negative things in Pakistan that we don’t really think or even consider that this is a great travel destination to go to. And, many people don’t realize that this is a really friendly place to go.

One of the first things that you will realize when in Pakistan is that if you are lost, the locals will assist you in no time. They are really a friendly culture, and you will have a great time there, without worrying about people that aren’t friendly and easy going.

The landscapes are incredible

You might know about the crowded spaces of the cities in Pakistan. However, did you know that there are some beautiful landscapes that you should see?

Most people don’t know that there are more to Pakistan than just cities crowded with people and people that are driving badly. There are many landscapes that are incredible and that you should make a point of seeing. Even, if this means that you should go outside the city.

The food is interesting and fun to try

One thing that you need to know is that their food is much safer to eat as what you might have read about. There is some interesting food that will be surprisingly delicious. However, there is also some weird food that you should try to eat if you like learning about different foods of different cultures.

There are many rumors that Pakistan’s food isn’t really recommended because of the way they prepare their food. But, this isn’t the truth and you will be surprised about the great taste of some of these foods.

Pakistan is safe to travel to

Yes, Pakistan is really safe to travel to, and they are treating their tourists great. There might be some places that are more dangerous than other places in Pakistan, but there are always that one place in every country that are dangerous and where tourists shouldn’t go.

Pakistan isn’t as dangerous or boring as what you might have thought. There are many reasons why you should consider traveling there at some point. It might not be a tropical destination, but you will not regret going there for one minute.

Best landscape practices to ensure your trees grow in the best way possible

In most of the times, trees form a part of the landscape. To make sure that trees integrate well with the rest of the compound there are some operations which need to be done whether you are planting, transplanting or doing maintenance activities.

These landscape activities will ensure a healthy tree environment.

  • Keep the plant debris on-site by putting them around the stem of the tree. The trash will provide mulch as well as compost in due time as the materials compose.
  • Encourage birds to build a nest in the trees or place a nest on the tree. Birds are natural predators of most of the disease causing pests and insects in plants.
  • Design the area in a way that flood and rain water debris can be filtered around the trees to ensure that fresh soil and compost is close to the base of the tree.
  • Avoid use of synthetic fertilizers and instead, use organic manures. The only disadvantage is that organic manure can be a source of diseases, but you can disinfect the manure before applying if you made it locally. Organic manures are also sold from stores.
  • Use organic pest management practices. Most of the pesticides contain very harmful chemicals, and they should only be used if all other options do not work.
  • Remove invasive species of plants which climb on trees since they may eventually cause stunted growth in a tree.
  • Remove excess branches to clear the canopy of the tree for the small tree and shrubs to get light easily.
  • Use light tools while mowing your lawn to avoid disturbing the roots of the trees.
  • Keep away animals which can chew the bark of the planted trees by placing a plastic barrier or a surrounding fence around the tree.
  • Use only trees which are naturally adapted to the region you live. There are some trees resistant to excess water while others do not require wet grounds to grow.
  • Always check for dying twigs in shrubs and hedges so that you can identify the pests and diseases invading your lawn before they get out of control.
  • When cutting some trees use ropes and support systems to avoid causing damages to the left foliage and trees.
  • Put mulch beds around trees to prevent mowers and trimmers from cutting the bark of the tree.
  • Avoid putting volcano mulches around your trees. But rather designate a place and make a pit to put excess debris in the compound.
  • Raise your tree canopies by cutting low hanging branches. The pruning will encourage the upward growth of the tree and as it grows continue removing the lower branches. Fewer and well-spaced branches ensure easy entry of light, and it also becomes easier to take shade under such a tree.

Don’t make your trees other people’s problems.

Trees can grow beyond your borders, and even leaves blow into the neighborhood. Try your level best to limit the degree of nuisance your trees causes to the society. To do this, we’ll pick the fallen leaves and twigs regularly. Also, ensure you cut those branches which have invaded your neighbor premises.